Independent Voters
Independent voters may be “all over the map” ideologically, but most think the US should get out of Afghanistan…

  • Pelosi Sees Support Ebbing for Afghan War (By YOCHI J. DREAZEN and NAFTALI BENDAVID, Wall Street Journal) Support among Democratic and independent voters for the Afghan war has been evaporating for months, and a raft of recent polls has found that majorities of both groups now oppose continuing or expanding the conflict.
  • Poll: Majority in N.C. disapprove of Obama (Charlotte Observer) The fall has been particularly sharp among independent voters, dropping from a 50 percent approval rating in April to 39 percent in the latest survey.
  • Obama’s Home Run (Michael Sean Winters, America Magazine – The National Catholic Weekly) The GOP has made it clear that they will not back reform so why did the President make the concessions? Because Independent voters want bipartisanship. They are the voters who say they “vote for the person not for the party,” which makes them the definition of a swing voter.
  • Aim of Obama Health Speech: Reigniting a Presidency (By ADAM NAGOURNEY, NY Times)

Open Primaries

Bloomberg 09
Open Up Petitioning Process to Independent Voters: Independent voters represent nearly 20% of the electorate and are the fastest growing group of voters in the city. To enable them greater participation in the political process, the Mayor proposes changing state law to enable independent voters to gather and sign petitions for candidates that are members of a political party.

Working Families Party
Tough year for WFP — tough year for partisans…

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Politics News Headlines for Independents 9/11/09