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Upright Citizens Brigade Hollywood


You might be one of those people that thinks improv is more or less the same thing: you go in and shout out things to actors that try and make your suggestions funny.  I agree that sounds like it has a hight potential for disaster too, but luckily the Upright Citizens Brigade has the improv/one person show thing thing so down that they mix up the format and style and deliver hilarious results.  It’s probably not what you are expecting.  Yes it started in NYC with Amy Poehler and Co. but the Hollywood incarnation is a natural and equally good bunch of talent, too.

Tonight for example (and as a Friday staple), they are doing a show where you bring your iPod or MP3 and they do a show to music they very well may have never heard before.

Tonight at 7pm Jill Donnelly does a one woman show focusing on comas and familial violence. And its funny.

September 13 is Jeff Garlin’s Combo Platter, which, in addition to being my favorite title, has the whopping entry fee of $1, so you got no excuses!   He and his guests will entertain, which means if you like Curb Your Enthusiasm (he’s the manger) you will love this show.  And if you don’t like Curb, I have no idea what to say to you.  He does this every Sunday starting at 930pm, so go and have fun. Who says you have to spend a lot to see talented stars doing their thing (and this low price thing is UCB’s thing, so its no fluke.) Makes you kinda like Hollywood and Improv more now, huh?!

Enjoy your weekend and laugh it up.

(And I highly recommend you hit up Birds next door for a great drink before or after. My suggestion: Cadillac Margarita.)