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Good Vibes Independent Erotic Film Festival Has Arrived


I know I’ve already gone on (and on) about the Good Vibrations Independent Erotic Film Festival, but now that it’s upon us, I thought it appropriate to remind you of some of what’s going on. Hopefully some of you made it to the kick-off party at El Rio last night. I was there and it was de-lightful. If not, don’t fret—there’s plenty more on the agenda.

Tonight you can join me (and um, lots of other people) at Amnesia for Blue Movie Night. Dr. Carol Queen will be presenting a whole lot of vintage erotica, with clips dating back to the ’20s. There will also be naughty puppets! Haven’t planned ahead? No worries; all tickets are on sale at the door, so hurry up and head over! The event begins at 9 p.m. Did I mention the naughty puppets?

Also coming up: on Tuesday catch the screening of “BDSM: It’s Not What You Think” at the Center for Sex and Culture. Creator-producer Erin Palmquist will be there, along with some of the film’s participants. Dr. Carol Queen will once again be on hand to host a Q&A, so if you’ve ever had any curiosity about the BDSM world, now’s your chance to get those questions answered!

And finally, there’s the Thursday night competition at the Castro. Rather than rehash anything I’ve already written, I’ll shamelessly link you to my article about the event in this week’s Guardian. Be there or be prudish!