The original Filter, as seen on the now defunct Random Footage Site
The original Filter, as seen on the now defunct Random Footage Site

When I first moved to Chicago, at the intersection of North/Damen/Milwaukee, I found a coffee shop that many a new freshman in college called home while still fresh in a new city. Filter was a staple in the neighborhood, and many were sad to see it go when a Bank of America took over the space in 2007. Many a cold winter day do I miss Filter, curled up with a good book on their vintage couches, a steaming cup of cider or coffee by my side.

Sure, Chicago has it’s fair share of coffee shops, but some places just feel like home. So it’s with happy hearts that I can announce that come late November/early December, Filter will return to Wicker Park!

As reported by The A.V. Club today (thanks to a tip from Metromix), the beloved Wicker Park coffee shop will return, this time a bit south, but still resembling the original place. The new shop will be located next to Copenhagen Cyclery on 1273-75 N. Milwaukee, and owner Jeff Linnane told The A.V. Club that the new space will resemble the old one, with vintage furniture, exposed brick, and the addition of in-house roasted coffee, and more seating (a welcome factor, since it was always tough fighting it out for a good seat at the original Filter).

A few months ago paper appeared over the empty storefront with the words “Filter” on it, and we were hoping that it meant the return of the local joint. As the article stated, the guys were looking at a location in Logan Square, and personally I’m glad they stuck with Wicker Park. I’m a big fan of New Wave Coffee in Logan Square (many a post on this site are penned at New Wave), and I’m glad Filter is far enough away to keep both coffee shops busy with their respective neighborhoods. Keep your eyes peeled for the new location to open soon!

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