It’s not surprise that Melrose Place has returned because the weeks news stories seem like story lines from the show (maybe its why I haven’t tuned in very much, no need.  Truth be told I tried to watch but it was quite bad.  I don’t remember the first series being quite this bad, acting or writing.  Was my youth clouding it?)  Drama, catfights and great hair have been all the rage on series TV this week and I for one am just glad Jane Lynch is going to be on weekly TV.

Speaking of hair, Leno returned and everyone freaked out. “It’s another Tonight Show”, “he is ripping off what he did,” yeah and 18 million people tuned in. People like him, the show is a success I’m just glad that something not reality is getting good ratings. Would I prefer a written show, sure.  Is it taking jobs, I guess. But its also employing people, and if it stays a hit, which I think it will (those doom and gloomers want him in 3rd, honestly Leno, whose coffee did you piss in?) people will be employed on a steady basis.  That would be a good new trend in Hwood.

And now for the Kanye update.  (Again its gonna get all gossipy and Melrose Place-ish. You are forewarned.)  Apparently when he went on Leno (great move by Leno, btw, made him relevent and useful, because honestly I woulda thought Kanye belonged on Conan discussing all this) he had not contacted Taylor and hadn’t apologized to her.  His teary mea culpa was all for the people and cameras, not Taylor. Lame.  Apparently by the next day (yesterday) he had made personal contact with Taylor – but only AFTER she went on The View and told that she had not personally heard from him. That’s right, the coolest rapper and self proclaimed biggest star in the world was outed by a 19 year old Country Star on the View. Ouch. Once again she made him look like the really, really small guy he is.  What is his deal?   You don’t apologize on Leno and Twitter, you apologize to the person first, then to everyone else.  Leno nailed him on ‘what would your mother think’, and while that seemed an honest moment of shame, the public flogging seemed showy when you haven’t actually talked to the one you offended. Hopefully lesson learned, for all of us.  Note to Awards Shows: DON’T let Kanye present.

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