First Person Arts Festival 2009
First Person Arts Festival 2009

Venture beyond the borders of your own life with artists as your guides.

Trek across Death Valley with Adventurer Todd Carmichael. Here the songs of the Great Depression sung by Woody Guthrie’s granddaughter Sarah Lee. Experience prison life with convicted murderer Kenneth Hartman. Fix the world with the Yes Men. Become radically honest with A.J. Jacobs.

Share stories across the table while sampling delicious cuisine. Meet emerging artists, best selling authors and award winning documentary filmmakers and learn how they do what they do. These are just some of the moments that the ONLY festival dedicated to memoir and documentary art is capable of providing you.

CultureMob Philadelphia has already covered First Person Arts, and how events like their Story Slams help people air out their interesting story’s of emotional baggage, odd jobs, bad idea’s and then some onstage. But their annual festival takes that raw idea a step further by taking master filmmakers and documentarians, and combining them with people who’s stories have never been told in that manner.

So come November get ready to Immerse yourself in the diverse worlds inhabited by emerging and nationally-known writers, filmmakers, performers and visual artists and hear dozens of stories behind the stories from the artists themselves. And as always with First Person Arts, active participation is encouraged. So you are given the chance to get involved too! Start your memoir; take the stage for a karaoke performance; or be a judge at the Grand Slam. Unmask your inner artist at a workshop or interactive event. Come and experience the Festival on many levels: hear a reading; watch a film; peruse an exhibit; or savor the flavors of Festival cuisine. The more you see, the more you get. Whatever the extent of your involvement — from one-time attendee to Festival fanatic — you’re sure to learn something new about the people in this very big neighborhood called humanity. Full details will be available soon on their website.

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