Tony Award winner Savion Glover (for Bring in Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk) brings Bare Soundz to The Broad Stage at Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center for its West Coast Premiere on October 10.  The show is touring the states, so check out the site for others locations.

Billed as a “heart stopping showcase of tap dance”, in this case I would take ‘their’ word for it. The legendary tap dancer, a title he earned years ago in the ripe old age of his twenties, is keeping this art form alive and bringing it to a new generation.

In this show Glover, along with Maurice Chestnut and Marshall Davis Jr., perform without the aid of a band or props or gimicks, its just their quick tapping footwork that create the Soundz. Just.

Everyone is raving about the show and judging from his past works it is clear that this one is surely to please.  Seem with this show he is maturing in his art and in his confidence that tap alone can entertain and command.   About time.

Culture Savion Glover at The Broad Stage at Santa Monica College