This line alone should get Angelenos to the reading on Oct 6 at 7:30pm at the Skirball Center; that kind of reassurance is key in a  town full of neuroses (but not you of course. Them.)  Male angst writer (that’s how I think of him, anyway) Nick Hornby will read from his latest book, which would seem to slant woman.  I’m rather curious what he does with this book since according to the publishers website it is is about rock stars, relationships and last chances.  I’m kinda thinking Music and Lyrics but that can’t be right.

The English writer will also take audience questions and sign copies of the book, so for all you super fans (I did really enjoy that ‘About a Boy‘ movie I must say) you also just might find out more about your favorite writer.  His last book was 4 years ago, A Long Way Down, so I’m sure he will be excited to know you still care.

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