Local artist and Atlanta native Maria-Louise Coil will be the featured artist at the 2009 Brookhaven Arts Festival, October 17-18th.

Maria-Louise’s work is primarily “Southern” and “Atlantan” in focus, with an emphasis on road-side images and signs, and all the things that dot our local everyday scenery. Using a muted pallet on textured surfaces, she brings the parts and parcels of our city and region to life in an iconic way. From The Fox to The Clermont, street signs you pass daily and more, she puts the fabric of Atlanta into her work. The BAF will feature Maria-Louise on this year’s poster for the festival, to be revealed in late September.

For details on the Brookhaven Arts Festival, visit www.brookhavenartsfestival.com or call (404) 266-3426. For more info or to check out samples of Maria-Louise’s work, visit www.marialouise.com.

Culture Brookhaven Arts Festival: Come see Maria-Louise Coil!