I would like to see Top Chef get in the act of using food trucks, but to promote Los Angeles’ upcoming restaurant week several of the chefs are boarding food trucks and bringing free food samples to all parts of Los Angeles.  Yes, those trucks you see parked on corners serving in abandoned lots will have some of the best chefs in LA doing their thing (well, not those trucks exactly as these are donated by RoadStoves) but you get the idea.  Chefs from Anisette and Rosa Mexicana and three others will dole out food from 11am through the afternoon at locales around the City to promote the Oct4-9, Oct 11-16 event:  Restaurant Week.

The trucks hit the streets this week (if you have an experience do write and tell me about it) with locales being doled out on the dineLA Facebook fan page and dineLA website.  For a bit more time today you can catch Eric Greenspan of the Foundry on Melrose across from LACMA.  Some art, some free good food, sounds like a great Tuesday to me!  Tomorrow Alain Giraud of Anisette will be at Arizona and Third Street Promenade. Thursday Walter Eckstein of Lawry’s Prime Rib will be at Canon in Beverly Hills, and on Friday John England of Rosa Mexicana will be in the Downtown area.

This big promotion is for dine LA’s first fall restaurant week, and with past events garnering over 10000 people each, the hopes are high for this one.  Hundreds of area restaurants will participate, in which you can score great meals for lower prices to sample some new spots, or else some favorites.  You can see all participating restaurants at the website.  Price points range from : Deluxe Dining from $16-$24,  Premiere from $22-$34 and Fine Dining from $28-$44.

As Miss Julia would say, Bon Appetit!

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