Hey Rentheads! Everyone’s favorite angsty ’90s rock musical is heading back to San Francisco this week—with one super exciting twist. The original Mark (Anthony Rapp) and Roger (Adam Pascal) will be reprising their roles. As a diehard “Rent” fan this is ridiculously exciting. Rapp and Pascal helped create these iconic characters, and most of us have only seen them in the moderately terrible film adaptation. (Look, I own it on DVD, but I fully admit that it’s awful.)

Some have suggested that Rapp and Pascal are too old to play Mark and Roger. That’s reasonable; they kind of are. But at 37 and 38, respectively, these guys still have some impressive pipes. Suspension of disbelief, people! If I can buy 30-year-old Trevor Donovan as a high school student on “90210,” I think I can handle Rapp and Pascal. …Er, sorry, tangent.

“Rent” begins Tuesday, October 6, and has a limited engagement through October 18 at the Curran Theatre. You can purchase tickets on the SHN website. Also, check out the deal on special $20 rush tickets, available on the day of every performance. You know, for those of you who can’t even afford your rent. (See what I did there?)

Photo courtesy SHN.

Community Rent Returns to San Francisco With Original Stars