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Affaire in the Garden Beverly Hills Art Show Oct 17, 18

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There aren’t many other reasons to go hang in Beverly Hills unless you want to spend huge amounts of money or see lots of plastic surgery (cliches, yes, but true) until the two weekends a year the Affaire in the Gardens happens.

For one weekend in the fall and spring, the gardens along Santa Monica Blvd become a charming block party for art with artists coming from all over California and beyond.  I bought the most charming art from a by salary costume designer who has a talent for making desserts into gorgeous, delicious art.  A friend bought a picture that is a photograph with painting added on.  There is photography, graffiti, sketches, comic book art, modern, sculpture, mixed media and many other forms. It’s a great mix of art and people, a lovely addition to the beautiful environment the show takes place around.

There is tons of parking in the lots around the gardens, so head over and enjoy art and variety in Beverly  Hills.

October 17, 18 from 10am-5pm.