I hadn’t, but when I did…wow.

First, right there on the front page you have a map that details the total dollars announced, available and spent on the both the national and state levels (when you mouse over each graph or state).

But the most impressive feature by far is when you enter in your zip code and find out where the recovery dollars are going in your area.

Upon doing so, this prompt pops up and tells you where the data is coming from…

Then, the dollars spent are geolocated to specific businesses, not for profits, etc., and they’re clickable so you can see see how money is being given out and what it’s going for.

Here, the part circled in red details the amount in contracts, grants and loans that has been spent in the 64105 area code. The part circled in blue is the information that pops up after you click on a dot on the map.

And if you want even more info about how the money was spent, you can click on another link to pop open a new window that will give you all the details.

This is really unprecedented access to see how our tax dollars are being spent and I hope that we mandate that all big spending bills carry this level of transparency in the future.


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