PP_RumFestLogo_240x159Now, everyone loves a good stiff drink on a Thursday night (hey, come on, it’s practically the weekend, right?) but the folks at the Astor Center are about to make you a proposal that will kick off your Columbus Day Weekend like never before – that’s right, Rum Fest 2009! In the lovely space that’s so conveniently located above Astor Wines and Spirits, meet other (cough cough) connoisseurs as you enjoy the best of the best.

From 6:30 to 9:30pm, wander about with your signature glass (yeah, if you don’t break it, you definitely get to keep it, it was worth all $75 after all) and taste rums,  cachacas, scope out the Latin beats and snacks (you’ll need the food), and of course, meet Garrett Peck, author of new release “The Prohibition Hangover…Alcohol in America from Demon Rum to Cult Cabernet.” There will also be seminars by the local industry pros, like you really came to get an education anyway.

Buy your tickets here (psst, check out promo code Yelp and thank me later) and off you go to boozey delights!

Culture 8th Annual Rum Fest Rocks Astor Center