Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve spent my life dividing time between the Bay Area and Los Angeles, but the word “quake” makes me really uncomfortable—especially when preceded by the word “earth.” Luckily, the one headed our way has nothing to do with fault lines and everything to do with local authors.

Litquake is the largest literary festival on the Best West Coast. For its 10-year anniversary, it’s pulling out all the stops for over a week of memorable events perfect for avid readers and others not sure what to do with their liberal arts degrees. (Not that I know what that’s like. Ahem.)

You can check the website for a full schedule, but here are some of the highlights. Well, according to me.

Friday, October 9. Black, White, and Read: Litquake’s Book Ball. It’s the kick-off party! For $20, you get a drink, grub, and the chance to rub elbows with the local literati in the Green Room at the War Memorial Building. Starts at 8 p.m.
Saturday, October 10.
Off the Richter Scale: Readings at the Main Library. Free and at, well, the Main Library. From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., you can hear a ridiculously wide variety of authors, genres, and styles.
Sunday, October 11.
Literary North Beach Walking Tour. Because enjoying good literature is about more than just sitting on your ass. This event is free, and meets at the Beat Museum at 5 p.m.
Monday, October 12.
Punk Rockers Spill Their Guts. Head to Broadway Studios at 8 p.m. for a unique look at the punk experience. Tickets are $15 but for $30, you get dinner, too. Hardcore.
Tuesday, October 13.
It’s a tough call. Do you head down to San Jose to see Mary Roach (author of “Stiff” and “Bonk,” among others) at the Center for Literary Arts, Martin Luther King, Jr. Library? She’s speaking at noon and at seven. Or, do you trek to Corte Madera to see “Project Runway” alum Christian Siriano, also at seven? Both events are free. Choose wisely.
Wednesday, October 14.
Amy Tan receives Litquake’s Barbary Coast Award. At the Herbst Theater. Admission is $25, but $75 gets you into the post-event reception. This isn’t some stuffy awards ceremony—it’s a roast. Yeah, Friars Club-style.
Thursday, October 15.
One of my faaavorite authors, Sarah Vowell, is speaking at the Booksmith on Haight at 7:30 p.m. It’s free, and she’s amazing.
Friday, October 16.
Underground Exposed: A Zine Retrospective. All right, hipsters, here’s your event. Free, 8 p.m., at Chrome Bags. Don’t try to affect apathy; I know you’re excited.
Saturday, October 17.
Lit Crawl (pictured). This uber-cool annual event “happens to take place on the 20th anniversary of Loma Prieta.” Thanks for pointing that out, guys! Totally free. Totally awesome. I will be posting more about the Lit Crawl next week—stay tuned!

Which Litquake events will you be attending? Let me know.

Photo courtesy Litquake.

Community Litquake Shakes Up San Francisco With Local Authors and Events