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Free and Cheap Columbus Day Weekend Fun in NYC!


columbus90So you may or may not have Monday off, either way, there’s plenty to scope out in NYC this weekend!

Check out the Kandinsky exhibit at the Guggenheim…it’s usually $18 but this Saturday, from 6 to 8pm, it’s free! Now there’s an excuse to go get culture. or, any day rain or shine scope out the Metropolitan, a personal favorite free spot in NYC.

More in the mood for some singing and boozing? 2 for 1 happy hour karaoke in honor of Columbus Day Weekend (Observed) at Stonewall on Friday night will leave your wallet happy, I can’t promise you anything for your liver, though.

Want to do something free and fun and healthy (I know, what a trifecta!)? Head to Tomkins Park for VegFest on Sunday, October 11th. While you can celebrate vegetarianism, you can also take a free yoga class, and it’s on rain or shine!

It’s also a great weekend to clean out your closet and head to the great Swap In the City! For $10, you get entrance, a gift bag, and snacks, bring your old (ok, not too old now, be reasonable) stuff on Saturday from 4 to 7pm. For your old stuff, you get swap bucks that you can then use to replenish your now obviously empty closet! Buy your ticket here.

Still in the mood for drinking? Check out Chelsea Beer Company’s big ole fall festival. No entrance fee, it’s pay as you go, so the damage you do to your wallet is entirely in your hands. It lasts all weekend long and features 49 cask ales, so variety and time will be a-plenty.

Still bored? Print out the Columbus picture above and color it in, but don’t blame me, I gave you plenty of ideas!