And the end of last month, Chicago’s The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir were getting ready to tour and support their new album … and the horse you rode in on. The band had just played an intimate party at lead singer Elia’s house, an intimate concert in a living room, for friends, family, press, and some close fans to showcase the new work, the band ready to hit the open road with their new music. So when the news came in that the band was involved in a horrible van accident right as they headed out for tour, the Chicago music community kept the band in their prayers and thoughts, and came together to help the band through this tough time. It’s been a rough few weeks for the band. Two of the members are still in the hospital. Vocalist and guitarist Mary Ralph should be getting out soon, but bassist Mark Yoshizumi is still in serious condition, and will probably remain there for the foreseeable future.

The band’s label, Chicago’s own Bloodshot Records, set up a PayPal account where anyone can donate to help pay not only medical bill, but help the band with gear (the majority of theirs was destroyed in the crash) and money for a new van, which was totaled in the crash.

Word spread that a benefit show would most likely happen, and now we can report that on Halloween you can head out to Subterranean and support the band with a benefit concert with members of the band, Canasta, the Avondale Ramblers, and more guests to be announced! Not only are you helping out an awesome group of musicians in a tough time, but you’ll get a great show in return. Here is the information, so make sure to stop by on Halloween and show The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir your support.

A benefit to support The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
featuring members of The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, Canasta, and the Avondale Ramblers
More guests to be announced!
10/31/2009, 9:00pm at Subterranean

And make sure to pick up their latest record … and the horse you rode in on. It’s a wonderful album, full of honest, raw, and witty lyrics, backed by incredibly tight music, and a perfect blend of the delicate and bittersweet vocals of Mary balancing out the brash, quirky, and debonair style of Elia. The band really blossoms on the album, and it’s a shame they can’t tour to support it, so make sure to check it out!

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