Like almost everyone else that loved the books, I was excited at the idea of Maurice Sendak’s classic tale coming to the big screen – as long as someone good was attached. But then they would have to be, because it’s Where The Wild Things Are…not just anyone would get to make it.  Enter Spike Jonze. Again, I was relieved. I’m a big fan.  This movie was gonna be excellent.

Months later, driving along a busy LA Street I saw a Monchichi doll on a billboard and smiled – cool, I loved my Monchichi doll and think it would make a great movie, but wondered why hadn’t I heard of it getting made?  The reason: The Monchichi doll on the poster is in Where The Wild Things Are!  Apparently The Wild Things have become Monchichi dolls in the movie. This is a troubling omen.   This poster is causing me angst.  It’s making me not want to see the movie now, I mean, The Wild things are no Monchichi dolls.

They should just have left this a book.  Boo.

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