Outside of Ocean City, Washingtonians would be hard pressed to find a spot to get their skeeball on outside of Chuck E. Cheese. Sure, Chinatown’s Rocket Bar has there own in-house pair of machines that offer up the boardwalk’s favorite pastime, but, over at the Atlas District’s designated go-to for margaritas and mini-golf, the H Street Country Club, the game is getting taken to the proverbial “next level.” As the club just recently announced, it’s time to say hello to the DC Amateur Skeeball League:

H Street Country Club is the home of the DC Amateur Skeeball League. (There was no league so we made one up.) Every Sunday at 6 pm, we’ll be hosting 1-on-1 tournaments. Come play for honor and fame or just come for the discounts on drinks. Players are always treated extra nice. This is your opportunity to sharpen your skills before the six-week season in which teams of five will battle for DC’s first ever Skeeball Cup.

Count us in. After all, there’s not many organized sports that actually played in a bar and it’s probably less embarrassing than having to disclose your former ties to an “adult” dodgeball team. Start saving those quarters now, folks.

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