balloon-colorado-4_1503163cOK, so maybe the balloon boy thing is a little media frenzy in a slow time when Britney’s being boring, and maybe it is all a hoax, but it got me thinking. What if I did want to float around in a balloon-like contraption? Where would I go? I’d probably prefer a real for of transport that had been tested, but here are some ideas!

For some unusual views of New York (not the city, but the vineyards, and the gorgeous valleys) and particularly in this time of year (fall colors anyone?) check out New York Ballooning! From corporate events to champagne at 3,000 feet in the sky, this may be a an unusual adventure that won’t have half of Colorado out to hunt for you. Another balloon company to check out is Above the Clouds, also close to NYC and also offering similar services.

Want something in NYC? How about a helicopter ride? The most popular and well known in NYC is probably Liberty Helicopter, which offer a huge number and variety of tours. You can combine with sailing tours, or do a late night romantic soar over the glittering isle of Manhattan. Looking for a deal? Check out this one from All New York Tours for a coupon for $10 off per person.

Prefer to keep your feet on the ground? That’s pretty understandable. In that case, take your aerial tour on the web, and enjoy the views without even needing to put on underwear! Or, scope out Skyview Pictures, where you can even purchase an aerial shot, in case you forget what NYC looks like.

Happy soaring!

Community Balloon Boy, New York Style