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Halloween and After in Los Angeles, Murder Mystery Friday Nights at El Cid

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I have enjoyed the circa 1900 established Spanish restaurant El Cid since my first time there with a crowd of musician friends.  Pitchers of margaritas flowed and tons was eaten and, well, the rest is a blur, but its always a good time filled with great food.  You can just imagine the hollywood legends that have poured into (and out of) the Silverlake establishment over the years — after all it was built by D.W. Griffith and was the site for the screening of “Birth of a Nation.” By the 50’s it was converted into a mini theatre before becoming the restaurant in 1961 that is still enjoyed today.  Dark, moody and romantic, it’s a perfect spot for Murder Mystery fun.OUTSIDEELCID.JPG

The large space has room for a mystery show (they also do others) and so on Friday nights you can register and for $49 you get a 4 course dinner and mystery show! (Actual murderer info not provided.  Frame your dinner mates, live out your Clouseau dreams and have a blast!

They even offer prizes for best and worse solution!

Thousands have enjoyed the show and so if you aren’t a Halloween fan, or you are and are looking for something different to do, you can do this the night before.

Sign up and get your detective on.  If it was good enough for D.W. Griffith..