The war of words between former Vice President Dick Cheney and the Obama Administration over Afghanistan continues.

Responding to Cheney’s assertion that the administration is “dithering” in regards to sending more troops, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs responded today that similar requests to the Bush Administration sat on their desks “for more than 8 months“.

The ABC News “Fact Check Desk” finds the truth a a bit more nuanced, with portions of the troop requests filled and others delayed for fulfillment by NATO troops, etc. The full story, according to ABC News, is really summed up this way:

So Gibbs’s claim that for “eight months” McKiernan’s request for troops “sat on desks” isn’t accurate.

But those request weren’t exactly being met with the urgency Cheney has suddenly decided President Obama must meet, lest he be seen as “dithering.”

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