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A Grindhouse Thanksgiving at Palace of Wonders


For the third year running, H Street’s Palace of Wonders will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday in the only way appropriate for the freakshow/burlesque/ curio cabinet-themed bar — with cheap booze and sleazy cinema.

Join the Palace’s regular crowd of strippers, stand-ups and body modification enthusiasts at 9:30 pm for the kick-off of the 3rd Annual Quentin Tarantino Film Festival that promises a slate of absolutely free grindhouse double features and, for all the traditionalists out there, discounted Wild Turkey and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

The film slate is as-of-yet unannounced, but, in our humble opinion, if a screening of Cannibal Holocaust doesn’t put you off of leftovers, nothing will (to say nothing of the lessons about the importance of honoring family that one can pick up from Last House on the Left.) It is probably safe to say, however, that Eli Roth‘s faux trailer for the turkey day slasher flick Thanksgiving (pictured) from Tarantino’s Grindhouse will find its way in their as well.

For more information, check back with the Palace of Wonders website as November 26th approaches, and keep up with other off-kilter goings on here in the DC area with the CultureMob blog or follow us on Twitter.