Attention James Franco fans! Next month you have two chances to see the actor in person for a couple really awesome events. In fact, let me just go ahead and plan your November 15 for you. It’s not like you were doing anything, anyway.

We’ll start at SFMOMA for a 1 p.m. screening of Todd Haynes’ “Safe.” No, James Franco isn’t in it—hold your horses—but this will be important later, so pay attention! At 3 p.m., you can finally get your Franco fix when he introduces and selects “Freaks & Geeks” episodes. This portion of the event is called My Dream Come True. Anyway, it’s a very reasonable $10 for the double feature, or $7 if you’re a member.

Hop on over to the Castro ASAP for John Frankenheimer’s “Seconds” at 6 p.m. Again, it’s Franco-less. Try to contain yourself; you’ll still be riding that “Freaks & Geeks” high. At 8 p.m., the theater will screen “Erased James Franco”—here’s where those movies you watched pay off! Frankly, I’m a bit unclear on what this is about, but according to the Castro website, “Multi-media artist Carter presents a contemporary actor—James Franco—stripped of the sureties of his craft and transformed into an almost sculptural object … ‘Erased James Franco’ finds the actor covering banal scenes from his own films, as well as segments of Julianne Moore’s character in Todd Haynes’s ‘Safe’ and Rock Hudson’s in John Frankenheimer’s ‘Seconds.'” I still don’t really get it, but it sounds really interesting!

After the movie, SFMOMA associate curator Frank Smigiel, artist Carter, and JAMES FRANCO (caps for emphasis) will be on hand to answer your burning questions. James will also be accepting marriage proposals (not true). The double feature is, again, a measly $10, with a $3 discount for museum members! Tickets for both are available on the SFMOMA website.

All right, your James Franco-laden November 15 is set. You’re welcome.

Photo by Charles Duprat.

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