What is the Brooklyn Farmers Ball and why is it in Brooklyn?
It is, bluntly, a fundraiser – but it is also fun (and, as fundraisers go, pretty cheap — $12-$25)
How is it fun? You might not meet any actual farmers, but from 7 p.m. to midnight on October 27th, you get to dine and dance and the chance to listen to such groups as:
Rude Mechanical Orchestra
Spanglish Fly
Apocalypse Five & Dime

What is it raising funds for?

All proceeds will support a New York delegation to the second annual gathering in Wisconsin of the Growing Food and Justice For All Initiative. If that’s a mouthful, the aim of the organization is to make sure that everybody on Earth has more than just a mouthful of food. Their aim is to support “sustainable and local agriculture” and also link it to “parallel social and environmental movements.”

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