For fifty years, Ben’s Chili Bowl has reigned supreme as U Street‘s designated spot for artery clogging culinary pleasures. Now, a newcomer to the DC foodie scene at 1939 14th St. NW is making a play for not only a slice of Ben’s pork-rich profits, but co-opting their most famous condiment as well. Enter: JJ’s Chili Cheese Steak.

Although that’s JJ’s official moniker (thank you, Google), there isn’t a dollop of con carne found anywhere on the menu at this new 14th St. whiz dispensary. Instead, they’re slinging an array of cheesesteaks and subs — but can they unseat Ben’s famed half smoke as the District’s official griddle meat of choice?


Not bloody likely. Only two of JJ’s sandwiches namecheck our fair city (“The Capitol”and “The Potomac,” respectively), a whopping four of the eight sport Philly-inspired nicknames. Granted we haven’t tasted one yet, but, if we were Ben’s, we’d not only take back our trademark on the use of “Chili” our name, we’d also make sure this JJ anklebiter quit hyping the city of the Eagles and Flyers in our own backyard.

Let the great U Street beef begin.

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