It’s not often that bands get involved in their fans lives, it’s usually the other way around.

But Metallica is no ordinary band.

They are the kind of band that actually most everyone likes. You might not be a metal head, but something about one of their songs pulls you in and you like it, and as a result them.  A lot.  And from this story I see why.  I get their universal appeal. The music is made by the men, and these men have great heart.  That transcends. Like music.

When Metallica fan and 20-year old Virginian Tech student  Morgan Harrington went to a Metallica concert on October 17 she asked her Mom for help with what to wear.  When she got separated from her friends at the concert she told them via cell that she would find a ride home.  It’s been a week and no one has heard from her.

So Metallica joined in the effort to bring her home offering $50,000 towards a reward, bringing the total amount to $150,000.

Her family offered an emotional plea on the Today Show, and everyone is hoping that Morgan comes home.  Especially  her fans, Metallica.

Culture Metallica Helps In Hunt For Missing Fan