I had heard about this show for months.

If you didn’t live in advanced society you probably didn’t know that U2 had a concert last night with an expected 100,000 people at the Rose Bowl in LA.  It was known to me because I have lot of L.A. friends that saw the show and music obsessed friends (and I like to think I live in advanced society in some ways) but even people in middle square states got excited to see the show and were talking about it.  How you ask?  (Those few of asking must not be in advanced society but still miraculously retaining internet access?) The entire show was broadcast live on Youtube.  And also rebroadcast, which is a first and super cool.

But what got me was that for some reason everyone felt the need to tell (via twitter and facebook) if they were at the concert or on youtube enjoying it.  Odd, but the people felt it a huge deal and a matter to share with others.  Whatever brings you closer people.

According to reports only 96,000 showed up to see the Irishmen do their thing live at what I heard was – in person – an amazing light and sound show.  Don’t worry boys, you will get ‘em next time.

As for the rest of you, wonder how many other bands will let the people see their shows and enjoy it for free?  U2 really does rock.

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