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Hip Hop Sulha Hits SOB's



With all the hateration out there, it’s always nice to see a neat event like Hip Hop Sulha! For music lovers all over, check out SOB’s on November 11. Get your tickets right here, they’re a steal at $10 a pop!

Much love to my buddy J Stone, the amazing human beatbox, for spreading this amazing event to me!

From the site:

On Wednesday, November 11, 2009, Jewish and Muslim artists from the Tug of War Tour and Shemspeed will come together at New York’s SOBs at the Hip Hop Sulha. Performers include Israeli and Iranian rap duo Most Hated, DeScribe, spoken word artist Tahani Salah, beat boxer J. Stone, Dash Speaks, TJ Di Hitmaker, NSR and a special DJ set by Electro Morocco.

Founded by American-Israeli producer, Diwon, The Hip Hop Sulha reinvents the concept of thetraditional Arab sulha (reconciliation) by bringing leading Jewish and Muslim hip-hop musicians together to celebrate peace and religious tolerance via the performing arts. In the past, the series has hosted Hadag Nachash, Saz, Sagol 59, and DJ Spooky to name a few. This evening will feature Chassidic Hip Hop, Reggae, and R&B, artist, DeScribe, Jamaican Dancehall artist, TJ Di Hitmaker, and NYC-based Israeli expatriates, Electro Morocco.