So Halloween is over, folks.

Yes, you have to put away your costume (or not, it is L.A. after all) and move onto the rest of the holiday season (Veterans Day in a few!) and stock up on costumes for next year as they are super cheap right now.  You have to recall all the things you did that night, and where that last part of your costume could possibly be, and luckily there are some events to get you past your post costume holiday blues.

First he takes over some of the Beastie Boys cancelled tour dates, and now Jay-Z is playing L.A. with a great lineup of guests including the authors of several of my favorite songs (and I’m talking first album stuff here, no bandwagon jumping) N.E.R.D as well as Wale and J.Cole.  It being L.A. and it being Jay-Z I’m sure he will have some special guests joining him on stage (but no I don’t think you will get a Single Ladies performance from his missus), so this show could surely lull you back into life post Halloween.

It is on UCLA’s campus, which is a slight head tilter, but really, it is a fall college tour, which not only makes sense but is pretty dope, yo.

Even though he is a Yankee fan, I heart Jay-Z.  Enjoy the show. Tickets on sale now.

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