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Maker's Market: Fun Time with DIY at Brooklyn Flea Market


So let’s say it’s the second or fourth Sunday of the month, notoriously the ones most likely to give you trouble for what to do. Here’s your solution! The Maker’s Market! Located at the Old American Can Factory (yes, that’s a real place), you can swing by and enjoy the awesome makings of numerous craftsmen and women. Now, when I say numerous, we’re talking, close to 200! Which means if recycled art of one form or another isn’t your thing, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something you like more just a little walk away.

Located just a hop, skip and jump away from the lovely Gowanus Canal (please don’t swim in it, it’s not quite superfunded), this neat collection embraces a great area and a great crowd. Weather permitting, you can always hit up the Gowanus Yacht Club or any number of great spots after (if the weather is not permitting, some even have walls and a roof!). The full list of artisans is here, and you really have no excuse considering there’s no obligation to buy, but probably a few opportunities to take photos for Regretsy!

(side note, many thanks to Sheryl Oppenheim for sharing the joy of Regretsy with me!)