Go.  4655 Hollywood Blvd.

And why haven’t you before this, silly?  It’s the fifth taste for Christamas sake.

They are going to open more locations around the city, so for you folks not yet within a 10 minute ride, settle down. You will have your own local Umami soon enough to wait in line for (that is if you don’t go when I go, which seems to be at some magic time sans lines.)

Now, my particular beef with the Umami, and it is a smallish one, is that the La Brea locale does not sport the Sweet Potato Fries anymore (and yes, it deserves all caps.)  Los Feliz however, does have the carbo yummies so head there if you want that goodness.

For me, as long as they serve the Umami burger I am fine.  But the world is a better place for having more SPF locations, is all I’m sayin’.


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