The future of 941 Theater is in Jeopardy. But you can help!
The future of 941 Theater is in Jeopardy. But you can help!

Awhile back Culturemob covered how 941 Theater was a strong supporter of cinema, arts, and music in the community. And since that blog it was recognized for it’s dedication and won a Citypaper Choice Award. But unfortunately the theater was forced to shut down by L&I, and is now in a dire situation. From their website:

“As you may know, the 941 Theater was recently forced to shut down, and may stay closed unless we get your help! We’ve worked hard to support the art, film and music communities in Philadelphia by creating a safe and accessible venue everyone can enjoy. But we cannot continue without your support. We need to raise money to re-open the 941 Theater!”

The theater hasn’t given up hope, and as working as hard as they had to open to place in the beginning. They have also pulled their resources together to form the Philadelphia Friends of the Projected Arts, a group that is dedicated that making sure that Philadelphia has places that support independent cinema.

From their main Website

The PFPA is registered as a non-profit in the state of Pennsylvania, and it is run by professionals in the film and media industries. By making Projected Arts more accessible to Philadelphia, they are enriching the culture of Philadelphia and helping filmmakers make money off their work.

Due to the nonstop trend of media consolidation, it is more important than ever for independent filmmakers to have an outlet for their creations. 25 years ago, there were 50 companies controlling the media in America. Today, there are only six. Media consolidation has made it that much more difficult to get first run independent films out to the viewing public, and this is not okay. While we have access to many so-called “mainstream indies” in Philadelphia, there isn’t a theater that screens the rest of the first-run independent films that come out each week.

While the Internet is the ultimate tool for the unknown to become known, mass exposure on the internet doesn’t automatically help small filmmakers make a profit off of their art. Having their work accessible online can help filmmakers, but in order to make a living and continue to create films, they must be able to monetize their efforts. The PFPA aims to help filmmakers find venues where their work will be displayed and they will share in the revenue generated.

While it takes a few clicks of your mouse to see a movie in the comfort of your own home, you aren’t viewing the film in the way the filmmaker intended it to be seen, and therefore are missing out on the key details you can only see in a theater. PFPA is involved in fundraising in order to provide the city with the entertainment it is lacking and, in collaboration with 941 Theater, a venue that gives the viewer the total movie experience: the picture projected on a screen, excellent sound, and surrounded by strangers.

941 Theater is currently working on organizing a fundraiser at the Starlight Ballroom, that is tentatively slated for Saturday, November 21st from noon – 6pm. If you have any further questions or would like to be involved in some way, please contact us at: They also have a Paypal Account where you can make donations towards saving the theater.

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