From buxom baubles to alluring abstracts, Boston’s in for a real treat this weekend during the 13th Annual Boston International Fine Arts Show.

Held at the the Cyclorama building at the Boston Center for the Arts, the show takes place November 13 – 15.

And if that weren’t all, Groupon has decided to make your entry all the more enticing — but only for today! So, go ahead—start practicing that quizzical look of introspection that can only come from attending the Boston International Fine Art Show.

Your 50% tickets are waiting for you at

Normally $30 a head, you and an art-vying friend can go for $15 a piece. But only if you buy the groupon today. And even if you don’t, paying full price is worth it. So what if it’s three bottles of fairly cheap vino. Think of it as your express ticket to fawn over art that, let’s face it, can be argued to the finest details of subjectivity.

While you’re at it, buy a piece. Your interior walls and nightstands will thank you.

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