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How The Bowing Posts Came To Donklephant


Hey all,

I’ve heard quite a bit of back channel chatter about the last two posts on the blog and I wanted to explain how I was responsible for the topic even showing up here in the first place.

Doug and I are friends on Facebook and he feeds his posts through his profile. I saw the bowing post and we had the following conversation…

As far as John’s post, well, I give everybody the same access to post when I invite them to have an account. That means he can come and go as he pleases. And that policy is my responsibility too. (Although I’d prefer the headlines were less sensationalist than what John wrote, and have told him as much.)

So, not that I want this to turn into a prolonged fight over the protocols of bowing, but if you have an account here to blog…tell us what you think.

In any event, hope this clears up any confusion.

Also, I hope you don’t unsubscribe because of a couple posts rubbed you the wrong way. After all, that’s sort of the point of this site.