Some eight million viewers watch “Glee” every Wednesday night on Fox, but that really doesn’t get at the phenomenon the show has become; it’s not just the numbers, it’s the intensity of the Gleeks, especially those who are also musical theater fans. Even the New York Times is in on it, writing about Glee watching parties and discussion groups, even among the casts of Broadway shows, including “Bye, Bye Birdie” and “Jersey Boys”

gleethumb2The first season DVD is on the way, but a “Glee” album has already come out, “Glee: The Music, Volume 1” (how many albums are there from “Grey’s Anatomy”?).

The official Glee Facebook page has more than 800,000 fans. The official Glee Twitter account has 61,244 followers.

GleeTwitterers But the individual actors — and their characters! — have their own fans and followers.

As of this moment, the Twitter account of Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) has 16,385 followers,
marksallingMark Salling (playing the football player Noah “Puck” Puckerman) has 35,452 followers, Chris Colfer (who plays the gay diva Kurt Hummel). has 40,069.
Lea Michele (Rachel Berry), 46,038 , Corey Monteith (the football quarterback Finn Hudson, 52,697.

I couldn’t find an account for Matthew Morrison, who is the ostensible star of the show, although he does have a Facebook page with 2,271 fans. Weirdly enough his character Will Schuester also has a Facebook page and it has five times more fans. Likewise, Colfer has said he gets so much fan mail addressed to his character Kurt that he calls the fans the Kurtsies.

suesylvesterandwillshuesterUnsurprisingly then, it’s not only the cast that has Twitter accounts, their characters have them too, also with tens of thousands of followers. Sue Sylvester, the Glee-hating cheerleading coach played by Jane Lynch, has her own Twitter account (22,010 followers) with Tweets like “I’m tired of waiting for a Scott Bakula vehicle worthy of his talents” and “I once pulverized my own gall stones by yelling at them.”

Morrison (or his publicist) keeps a Glee video diary

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