There was a time when “Jewish comedian” was redundant. A good sign this is no longer true is that they are now the subject of a lecture series at the 92nd Street Y, given by Columbia University professor Jeremy Dauber. The one on Lenny Bruce occurred in October. The professor will speak on Woody Allen on November 19th and Mel Brooks on February 16th, 2010. . These are the comedians ”who make us think deeply as we laugh heartily.”(The comedians will not be present, except in spirit)

It doesn’t mention on the Y’s Web site what Professor Dauber is a professor of. The Columbia site says he is the Atran Associate Professor of Yiddish Language, Literature and Culture (A.B., Harvard, 1995; D.Phil., 1999). Question for Professor Dauber: Do Mel Brooks and Woody Allen know Yiddish? (I bet the answer is yes and no).


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