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New Moon Premiere November 20: This Teen Vamp Flick Has Drama


New Moon is to open across the U.S. on November 20th, and the L.A. Premiere happened Monday night to immense throngs of fans and tight security. So tight that Kellan Lutz, the beloved vampire from the film reportedly had a hard time getting into the after-party with a friend.  Shoulda shown the fangs.

For all its hoopla and fan fare however, the films premiere was not without its drama – which seems to be a franchise trend.  So actually, let me go back and catalogue some of the movie series evolving drama’s.  First there was news that Catherine Hardwicke, the talented director of the first-film-in-the-franchise Twilight (and other amazing movies) would not be returning for (AKA was nixed from doing) New Moon.  It was leaked they didn’t want her, which was countered with ‘what’s up with that she is really talented and the movie came out great in the end’, but she was out.  And while Chris Weitz as director was in, it still made the franchise seem, well, bumpy.  Then there were the stars hooking up drama – which wouldn’t have been anything if KS hadn’t had a beau at the time (true or not, it was still all the talk.)

But this last tib-bit is the carry over to the premiere of New Moon. The red-headed vampire-ette of the first two movies, Rachelle Lefevre, was not re-signed to do the third movie – which means she was booted – and Bryce Dallas Howard, the actress with the uber-Hollywood father, was signed to play the part in the third movie.  Signed! So not only had it been in the works for a while (ouch) but many people knew.  More bumpyness.  Most everyone who saw the first one liked Lefevre, but after the second finished shooting and contracts were made for the third, she was out.  Summit Entertainment said that she had signed to do another movie that conflicted with the shoot schedule, which Lefevre said was not true.  Bottom line she was out…cut to months later and the U.S. premiere, and the actress opted not to attend, tweeting: “2 fans at the premiere: w/ Honey in hospital & being fired from Eclipse tonight was just 2 emotional 4 me & I couldn’t manage it.” And yes, Honey is her dog.

Oh, and to keep it full circle, reports have Catherine Hardwicke stating that Howard was her first choice for the role, but at the time she turned it down it was too small for her.

I can’t wait to get back to the vampire drama!