Full disclosure the first: I was an extra in “All About Evil.” Full disclosure the second: I’m biased toward campy horror-comedy slasher flicks featuring drag queens. Now that that’s out of the way, let me say how incredibly excited I am about “All About Evil.” The film is drag star Peaches Christ’s first feature-length project—the sordid tale of Deborah Tennis, a mild-mannered librarian who snaps and turns her killing spree into a career in underground horror. (I know, right?!)

“All About Evil” doesn’t come out until next year, but the film has a brand new website that’s pretty damn awesome; check it out here. There’s plenty of good stuff there, including high quality stills, a collection of the teaser posters (the first of which is attached to this post), and some basic background information on the cast and crew. My favorite part of the site—other than the press section, where you can see approximately one-third of my face in an audience shot—is the plug for the Victoria Theatre. “All About Evil” was filmed on location at the Victoria and elsewhere in the city, making it an extra special San Francisco production.

Keep checking back here for more information on “All About Evil.” And go see it when it hits theaters! If not for your love of campy horror-comedy slasher flicks featuring drag queens, then at least for me.

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