As much as you’d love to catch a Blackhawks game at the United Center or on the road, you might not be able to get a coveted ticket. Don’t worry! Official Blackhawks Bars all over the city are ready to show you a good time and make it seem like you’re actually at the game.

The Blackhawks organization teamed up with almost 100 bars to provide Chicagoland fans with the ultimate viewing experience outside the stadium. Each “official bar” has been given customized decorations, Hawks apparel for its staff, a personalized jersey for display, and the best feature of all… DVDs of the Blackhawks game presentation. You know, the cool videos shown before the Hawks take the ice?

And don’t forget, each time the Hawks hit the road, the City Roadwatch will be going on at one of the official bars. You can meet the Ice Crew and announcer Gene Honda, and you can also play some games to win prizes like tickets to a future game or signed memorabilia.

To see the complete list of Official Blackhawks Bars, click here.

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