I knew the show was going in epically odd directions when a friend facebooked during the show that Jermaine Jackson had a son named Jermajesty.  It was like, what more kookieness can be added to the interesting and noteworthy show?  Back in the day when Michael would do a show stopping number on an award show, the next day it was all anyone could talk about.  Well, the AMA’s made news again the day after this year’s show, although for falls, a kiss and wardrobe issues.  We miss you Michael.

So J.Lo fell, which can happen, but she was a pro and rebounded in the same time count she would’ve been standing so that was amazing.  And really recovery is all that counts when you fall so well done. Today on Ryan Seacrest, laughing, she said it was part of the plan.  Whatev’s J.Lo.

In other news, while presenting Kate Hudson’s silver dress move in a direction that double sided tape rescued.  Not to self: buy stock in double sided tape.  That stuff really is amazing.

But the event of the night was Adam Lambert’s show closing number featuring a not short kiss and him shoving a male dancer into his crotch.  What’s the big deal people?  Lady dancers have shimmied all over men for years, and a kiss is just a kiss as the famous song says.  Did you see the threesome on Gossip Girl?  That’s an 9pm, formerly 8pm, show geared to kids. Get over it people, the cat’s (are almost all) out of the bag.

Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t think of New Moon for a few minutes. That was strange.

Culture AMA's Make News Again: Adam, J. Lo and Kate, Oh My!