Looking for a way to really up the Dickens quotient this holiday season? I’ve already mentioned the Great Dickens Christmas Fair, but there’s another holiday tradition right around the corner. Starting Thursday, the American Conservatory Theater will be putting on its annual production of “A Christmas Carol,” a play adapted from the Charles Dickens classic.

Do I even need to go over the plot with you guys? Ebeneezer Scrooge is a “bah humbug”-spouting crotchety old guy who—spoiler alert—learns the true meaning of Christmas when he’s visited by three ghosts. (I guess four, if you count Jacob Marley.) There’s a good chance you’ve seen some version of this tale before, whether it was the Bill Murray comedy “Scrooged” or, my personal favorite, “The Muppets Christmas Carol.” But if you’ve never seen “A Christmas Carol” staged live, you’re missing out.

A.C.T.’s “A Christmas Carol” runs through December 27, and the theater is offering all sorts of neat deals to help you out. Tickets can be purchased for as little as $14, and for select performances, a family of four can get in for the price of two. We’re talking Bob Cratchit-sized fun at Tiny Tim prices. You can check the website for more information and to purchase tickets. And be sure to come back here next week to read my review of this production.

Photo courtesy A.C.T.

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