Pizza really is my favorite food group.  I have my favorite spot in New York, and in LA there are several spots I go to for my weekly (tri-weekly to be honest) intake of the food great.  Raffalo’s on Sunset is not only great, tasty pizza, but they have a menu of other fooods that make eating here a delish, old world experience. Let me explain.

Raffalo’s is one of thos LA great food spots in a strip mall.  I only go to Zankou Chicken in Hollywood (it’s tradition, those new spots are so wierd to me) and this spot has that strip mall legendary status. It has been around for 30 years, run by the same family the whole time. The restaurant has that ‘Cheers’ old school feel, and even has a cast of characters working there.  The owner, Gloria, took over when her husband died a few years ago and their staff from the delivery guy to the waitstaff of family makes your experience…memorable.

Unlike other pizza spots this one is a restaurant, Italian style with 15 or so red booths with wood around the dark, candle lit interior.  It’s not your usual a slice and a coke counter spot, although you can surely have a slice as well.

They have specials through December, when you order a pizza you get a free glass of wine or a beer.  So go and enjoy the pizza (or the mushroom fettucine o.m.g.) and take advantage of the holiday special.

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