So usually Frosty is the very jolly soul, one who is on my top 11 movies list of ht eholidays. He is a classic tale of friendship and holidays and seasons.

This year Frosty has gone inappropriate and got Manilowed, though not in the same show. Let me explain.

CBS has taken Frosty, which is annually aired on the network, and used his likeness to market two of its dirty-ish night time comedy shows in online ads. Now, its not like porn, but it is super racy and inappropriate – two things beloved Frosty the Snowman is not.   Some have gotten downright upset, one reviewer called it ‘Frosty the Perv’ and others are saying they won’t watch CBS anymore because of its smut-ifying of Frosty.

Basically CBS took the snowman and used sound bites from their shows “How I Met Your Mother” and “Two and a Half Men.”  The bites show things like Frosty showing the kids his porn collection. (Really, really wrong: honestly CBS, when are pedophile jokes funny?  Even in online marketing.)

I agree that its inappropriate, Sally, and am rather shocked that family values frontman CBS is further shattering that image. (Have you watched those PM crime shows? N.A.S.T.Y.) But hey, I guess they are trying to Showtime and HBO it up.  Though failing miserably in this endeavor, maybe they will go back to being a family channel? Who didn’t like Murder, She Wrote?!  Oh Frosty, hopefully next year will be less controversial for you.

In Los Angeles, Frosty has been transported into a Manilow-inspired musical, with him traveling the holidays set to Manilow’s tunes. Clever and quite PG in audio content at least.  (Hear that CBS? You can use Frosty for fun and not be so dirty.)  Its showing at the Falcon Theatre in LA through January 17th.

So in short, in the L.A. performance Frosty Can’t Smile Without You a la Manilow, in the CBS work, it’s in a nasty, Charlie Sheen way.  Take your pick.

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