Several friends can’t stop listening to Lady Gaga’s latest song, whatever it is, and I can’t escape hearing Bad Romance. That said, I know of many people that are excited to see a Lady Gaga’s show, which you can see December 21, 22 or 23 at L.A. Live’s Nokia Theatre in Downtown L.A.


Her Monster Ball Tour has been a hit, as fans and reviewers say that she puts on a great show, so if you want to get yourself a little early Christmas present, or a way to gear up for New Years, you can see 3 shows.

A clearly huge artistic talent, Lady Gaga in the past month met the Queen (had to be one of her more strange photo ops.  The Queen I mean, not Lady Gaga,) and continues on her World Tour to dominate, which is actually working by the masses of people obsessed with her and her music.

Funny thing though, per her site all her U.S. shows start at 7pm. Even NYC.  Her European shows start at Midnight. Wonder if those shows are more outrageous? Hmm…

Culture Lady Gaga Has Three Shows in Los Angeles Before Christmas