Suedeheads and Wilde-quoting dandies rejoice: it looks like Christmas is coming on…well, Christmas. That’s because this December 25th, former Smiths bassist Andy Rourke will be coming to our side of the pond for a holiday DJ set at DC9‘s weekly Liberation Dance Party. (Just don’t expect to hear many Morrissey tracks.)

Twenty years after the end of The Smiths, Rourke is still a stalwart of the UK indie scene – albeit in a less NME-stoking fashion than his old bandmates – and currently hosts his own underground radio show in Manchester, tours with Ian Brown and continues to record with former New Order and Stone Roses/Primal Scream bassists, Peter Hook and Mani, respectively, under the name Freebass for their much anticipated debut album. (Check out Rourke’s website at:

He’ll be joined in the pre-Boxing Day revelry by fellow DJs Marc-Alan Gray and Bill Spieler. Admission is $8 and they’ll an open bar from the time doors open at 9 until 10:30 pm. Liberation will be also be hosting a New Year’s Eve bash the following week — get all the details on both events here.

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