Their motto is “12 days, 14 companies, theater, dance, live art, and beyond.” What is beyond? Consider it, as Coil artistic director Vallego Gantner does, “a tasting menu” in this, the fifth year of the Coil Festival at Performance Space 122,
Here is the schedule:

NYC Players / Richard Maxwell
60 minutes
Upstairs at Performance Space 122
Co-presented with Under The Radar Festival
Wed, Jan 6 at 10pm | Fri, Jan 8 at 7pm | Sun, Jan 10 at 10pm | Tues, Jan 12 at 10pm |
Thu, Jan 14 at 10:30pm | Fri, Jan 15 at 8pm | Sat, Jan 16 at 10:30pm | Sun, Jan 17 at 5:30pm
Wed, Jan 20 – Sun, Jan 31 / Wed – Sat at 8pm, Sun at 6pm
Sat, Jan 23 + Sat, Jan 30 at 10pm / NO SHOW: Thu, Jan 21
[Richard Maxwell is] “One of the most innovative and essential artists to emerge from American experimental theater in the past decade.” – Ben Brantley, The New York Times

Ads marks a new departure in the work of celebrated downtown auteur Richard Maxwell and NYC Players. Moving into and beyond traditional video screening, and projecting video into the realm of live performance, Ads stages three-dimensional video recordings. .
Gisèle Vienne/Jonathan Capdeville/Dennis Cooper
60 minutes
Downstairs at Performance Space 122
Co-presented with Under The Radar Festival
Thu, Jan 7 at 6:30pm | Sat, Jan 9 at 7pm | Sun, Jan 10 at 9:30pm | Mon, Jan 11 at 9:30pm | Thu, Jan 14 at 10pm | Fri, Jan 15 at 7:30pm | Sat, Jan 16 at 10pm | Sun, Jan 17 at 6pm
“Jerk might be unbearable for some. But in our eyes, theatre so wisely woven with reality, however violent, is wholesome.” – Les Inrockuptibles, France
Using simple glove puppets, Jerk is an imaginary reconstruction – strange, poetic, funny and somber – of the crimes perpetrated by American serial killer Dean Corll, who with the help of teenagers David Brooks and Wayne Henley, killed more than twenty boys in the state of Texas during the 70s.
Jerk is based on the chilling text of Dennis Cooper, an author deemed “the most dangerous writer in America”.
Tom Creed & Raymond Scannell
75 minutes
Upstairs at Performance Space 122
Wed, Jan 6 at 7pm | Fri, Jan 8 at 10pm | Sat, Jan 9 at 7:30pm | Mon, Jan 11 at 10pm | Tue, Jan 12 at 5pm | Thu, Jan 14 at 8pm | Fri, Jan 15 at 10:30pm | Sat, Jan 16 at 8pm | Sun, Jan 17 at 8pm
“A compelling constellation… vertinguous, playful and poignant” – Irish Theatre Magazine
Performed at a grand piano by one of Ireland’s most exciting new theatrical voices, Mimic is a poetic and extraordinarily prescient solo performance about a culture in economic and spiritual collapse.
by Rotozaza
52 minutes
The Classroom Gallery, PS122 Second Floor
Wed, Jan 6 – Tue, Jan 12
Jan 6 – 8, (Wed/Thurs/Fri) at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm
Jan 9 (Sat) at 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm
Jan 10 (Sun) at 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm
Jan 11 and 12 (Mon and Tues): at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm
“Hugely entertaining… This smart, mysterious exercise in programmed thinking and collective chaos is strange but exhilarating.” – The Times
Five participants enter a brightly lit room, there are five chairs positioned around a TV. A session begins, and as each audience member follows different instructions via headphones, they begin to understand ‘who they are’. Proceedings are led by an on-screen, animated character
Edgar Oliver
A Brian Barnhart, Axis Theatre and Richard Jordan Productions Ltd. production
50 minutes
Downstairs at Performance Space 122
Wed, Jan 6 at 9:30pm | Thu, Jan 7 at 9:30pm | Sat, Jan 9 at Midnight | Sun, Jan 10 at 4:30pm | Mon, Jan 11 at 7pm | Tue, Jan 12 at 7pm | Thu, Jan 14 at 7:30pm | Fri, Jan 15 at 10pm |
Sat, Jan 16 at 7:30pm | Sun, Jan 17 at 8:30pm
“… a judiciously austere production… sweet and sinister… (Oliver is) a living work of theater all by himself.” – Ben Brantley, New York Times
New York theater-icon Edgar Oliver takes us on a fantastic voyage through the strange rooms of the bizarre boarding house where he has lived since his first years in 1970’s New York and wherein lie the secrets of his family and the unbelievable odyssey that brought him there. Inhabiting the dark, mysterious halls are a dwarf Cabalist, a possible Nazi, the landlord’s former wet nurse who apparently lives in a nest of rags, and all too many others,
Morgan Thorson and Low
70 minutes
Upstairs at Performance Space 122
Thu, Jan 7 at 5pm | Sat, Jan 9 at 5pm | Sun, Jan 10 at 5pm | Mon, Jan 11 at 7:30pm | Tue, Jan 12 at 7:30pm
“Beautiful” – The New York Times
A roving chorus of performers undertakes angelic choral singing and Thorson’s uniquely dynamic choreography.
Temporary Distortion
60 minutes
Upstairs at Performance Space 122
Fri, Jan 8 at Midnight | Sat, Jan 9 at 10pm | Sun, Jan 10 at 7:30pm | Mon, Jan 11 at 5pm
“Go to the theater to see death performed live to really test your limits.”- The New York Times
Following a critically acclaimed run at PS122 in November 2009, Americana Kamikaze re-conjures vengeful spirits, impossible physical manipulations, elliptical storylines, creepy sound designs, equally creepy cinematography, and bizarrely happy endings. Performers are doubled by video doppelgangers in this East-meets-West psychological horror story that fractures reality and narrative beyond existence.
Lisa D’Amour & Katie Pearl with Emily Johnson
60 minutes
Downstairs at Performance Space 122
Fri, Jan 8 at 6:30pm | Sat, Jan 9 at 9:30pm | Sun, Jan 10 at 7pm | Tue, Jan 12 at 4:30pm
“Next time D’Amour and Pearl bring their enchanting work to town be sure to take it in.” – John del Signore, The Gothamist
Terrible Things takes audiences on a T-R-I-P inside the many lives of Katie Pearl and her action-figure literary mom.
Maria Hassabi
60 minutes
Downstairs at Performance Space 122
Mon, Jan 11 at 4:30pm | Tue, Jan 12 at 9:30pm
“Gazing at this exquisitely designed living sculpture, you also feel your own body straining with Hassabi, and in the slow friction between these two views, mysterious emotions ignite.” – Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice
In Solo, Hassabi performs with a Persian area carpet. The carpet becomes, variously, a prop object, an outer skin, and architecture.
Megan V. Sprenger / mvworks
60 minutes
Downstairs at Performance Space 122
Wed, Jan 6 at 6:30pm | Fri, Jan 8 at 9:30pm | Sat, Jan 9 at 4:30pm
“It is both striking and antiseptic. You think of office spaces, study halls, waiting rooms; the places in between the action.” – Claudia LaRocco, The New York Times
Set in a 360 degree hyper-intimate environment with audience members integrated among the performers …within us. examines the human instincts that lay at the core of physical & emotional conflict
The National Theater of the United States of America
75 minutes
Co-presented with Under The Radar Festival
At The Public Theater
Thu, Jan 7 at 9:30pm | Sat, Jan 9 at 7pm | Tues, Jan 12 at 9:30pm | Thu, Jan 14 at 9:30pm |
Fri, Jan 15 at 9:30pm | Sat, Jan 16 at 9:30pm | Sun, Jan 17 at 3pm
“One of the most exciting and eccentric young theater companies in town.”-The New York Times
Winners of the 2007 Spalding Gray Award, NTUSA returns to NYC to channel the form and style of the original Chautauqua Lectures through their own inimitable aesthetic and theatrical rhythm. CHAUTAUQUA! combines lecture, debate, scientific demonstration and tales of explorers with more traditional forms of entertainment such as dance, dramatic recital, feats of strength, and joke telling. The company examines their own role as “entertainers” as well as “artists” and question whether or not the convergence of art and commerce is possible, sustainable, or even good for either party.
Reid Farrington
90 minutes
Co-presented with Under The Radar Festival in association with 3LD Art & Technology Center
At 3LD Art & Technology Center
Thu, Jan 7 – Sat, Jan 16 at 9pm
OFFICIAL NY PREMIERE: Performance Space 122 April 2010
“What beauty there is in Mr. Farrington’s work.” – Claudia La Rocco, The New York Times
Farrington collaborates with film historians and archivists to bring a classic film to the stage with his own boundary-pushing melding of projected imagery and live drama.
LeeSaar The Company
55 minutes
at the Jewish Community Center
Thu, Jan 7 at 8pm | Sat, Jan 9 at 8pm | Sun, Jan 10 at 3pm
“LeeSaar’s dances always require unwavering attention” – Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times
In Prima, four arresting performers explore a world of pure sensation and energy. Teasing out the feminine and the virile, they are alternately playful and bashful as they navigate sexuality and temptation. Featuring music by political activist DJ Filastine.
60 minutes
At Abrons Arts Center
Wed, Jan 6 – Tue, Jan 12 at 8pm
“You’ll go wild for this” – John Del Signore, Gothamist
The globe trotting, discipline-bending, unmistakably downtown WaxFactory presents a stellar female cast on an emotional roller coaster ride across the dark, and ultimately humorous underbelly of love. Part audio-visual installation, part dance-theatre, BLIND.NESS looks at what transpires when love becomes a four-letter word.

Sunday, January 10th : FREE
COIL late-night bash, at The LuEsther Lounge at The Public.
From 10:30PM (following presentations of Ads and Jerk) into the wee hours.

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