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Shatner Reads Palin. Palin Reads Shatner


I know many don’t think Sarah Palin is a smart woman. And hey, fair enough. It’s not like she made a good impression in 2008. However, I think you have to possess some smarts to become Governor of any state. After all, look how Dubya parlayed his run in Texas to 8 years in the Oval Office.

So while I’m not suggesting that the following clip proves she Magna Cum Laude material, it’s going to take some convincing that this isn’t a smart move.

And do note how the LA crowd goes NUTS on her arrival.

Yes, she’s a force to be reckoned with come 2012. Not just because she’s Sarah Palin, but because she’s becoming very comfortable as the Sarah Palin we know. Also, many of those same folks who dismissed Dubya as a dummy are doing the same with Palin. And the lower the expectations are set, the easier it is for a politician to surprise.

So whether she’ll make a splash in the GOP primaries or as a third party folk hero (Tea Party candidate?), it’s clear she’s not going away any time soon.