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Tempo No Tempo and Grooms Join Forces at Hemlock Tavern


Did anyone catch Tempo No Tempo’s in-store at Rasputin yesterday? If you didn’t, no worries—you can catch this rising Bay Area band at the Hemlock Tavern tomorrow night. I’ll level with you: I know these guys personally, so I’m a little bit biased. But they’re legitimately good. Check them out for yourselves on their MySpace page, if you’re not convinced. (Would I lie to you?)

Tempo No Tempo is performing alongside the New York-based Grooms, who have also been getting their fair share of attention lately. How often do you get to see a West Coast band and East Coast band performing at the same venue? Plus, the Hemlock Tavern is a bit more off the beaten path than many of the city’s other spaces. You can look forward to a loud, sweaty, and intimate show. (That’s what she said.)

Show begins at 9 p.m. Tickets are a paltry $7. See you there!

Photo by Jonathan Hung.