Matrix Fights debuts on February 27th!
Matrix Fights debuts on February 27th!

Mixed Martial Arts fighting has seen a meteoric rise fame thanks to promotions like Ultimate Fighting Championship. And it has helped make people like Ken Shamrock, Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, and “The Ice Man” Chuck Liddell household names. But now a new promotion, Matrix Fights, is ready to emerge in Philadelphia. And it is going to hold matches at The Arena; a well known South Philly spot that has hosted wrestling bouts for the likes of ECW, Ring Of Honor, and Dragon Gate USA.


Our mission is to promote the most electrifying showcase of mixed martial arts. Our promotion will be born in Philadelphia and eventually reach the world. Our elite MMA fighters from around the globe will entertain local professionals and fight aficionados.


Jimmy Binns, characterized as the “Ultimate Iconic Philadelphia Male” by Philadelphia Magazine, and labeled a “gem for the city” by Congressman Bob Brady, is the former Boxing Commissioner of Pennsylvania. Now in the Pennsylvania Boxing Hall of Fame, Jimmy is so enmeshed with the world of boxing, he was asked to play himself in Rocky V and Rocky Balboa. His charitable work includes honoring the 272 Philadelphia cops who were killed in the line of duty with commemorative plaques at the site of each slaying.

Jimmy Binns Jr. has owned several successful bars and restaurants in Philadelphia and New York City, one of which, Soho 323, was named the #1 lounge in the world. Having spent his entire life around boxing promotion, it’s no surprise that he became the youngest supervisor in the history of boxing. He also promoted one of the last fights held in the legendary Philadelphia Spectrum.

Phil and Rick Migliarese have been involved in no-holds-barred fighting since before the UFC. Both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts under Relson Gracie, the two of them once lived and trained with his brother, Rorion, the co-creator of the UFC. Represented on the cover of magazines such as MMA Worldwide and often consulted for their fighting expertise, the Migliarese brothers also own a hugely successful mixed martial arts school in Philadelphia called Balance Studios – voted best of Philly in 2008. The school now has 30 schools around the world and is currently 4,000 members strong. The brothers also broadcast their innovative technique and fighting strategies via their Internet show, which boasts more than 65,000 viewers.

Beginning in 2010, Matrix Promotions will welcome more than 1,300 professionals and fight aficionados to the Philadelphia area for an electrifying showcase of mixed martial arts featuring elite fighters from around the globe.

Matrix Fights is scheduled to host its opening event on February 27th, 2010, and they currently looking for fights to be a part of their promotion. to find out how to try out follow these instructions. To learn more about Matrix Fights, check out their website, or follow them on Twitter.

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